I am a sociolinguist in the PhD program at Stanford University and a Ric Weiland Graduate Fellow.

My dissertation work explores what socially meaningful linguistic variation looks like for preschool-age children and how social meanings and linguistic styles develop among this age cohort. My advisors for this are Penny Eckert, Eve Clark and Rob Podesva.

You can email me at: erlake@stanford.edu

Research at a glance

I recently presented two papers at NWAV48 (Oct 2019):
How far do Pacific Northwest features spread: Evidence of prevelar raising/fronting across California with Lewis Esposito

Stylistic curation: The use of place-based features in the construction of a personal brand with Teresa Pratt.

I am now almost six months into my dissertation fieldwork which takes place in a preschool. I am observing one classroom daily for an academic year.

I am wrapping up a project which has explored how ideologies of isolation may affect the spread of sound change in California.

I am in the final stages of putting together an online project which aims to document and explore dogwhistles in political language.