Presentations and Posters


Speaker persona as ideological message: How do we interpret political slogans?
Paper presented at Political Discourse – Multidisciplinary Approaches #2: New discourses of populism and nationalism. June 21-22, Edinburgh, UK.

Policing male intimacy: A socio-pragmatic analysis of a homophobic tag
Poster presented at Workshop on Sociolinguistic, Psycholinguistic and Formal Perspectives on Meaning. July 1-3 Paris, France.

With Zion Mengesha and Christian Brickhouse. It’s a selfish exclusive: Just sayin’
Paper presented at SemFest 19. March 12, Stanford University.

Persona recovery as a primary pragmatic process in the interpretation of implicit content
Paper presented at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America. January 4-6, Salt Lake City, Utah


The relationship between iconicity as motor-sensory analogy and social meaning: Evidence from creaky voice
Paper presented at New Ways ofAnalyzing Variation 46. November 2-4, Madison, Wisconsin.

With Rebekah Baglini. Quotative markers and the pragmatics of demonstrations
Poster presented at New Ways of Analyzing Variation 46. November 2-4, Madison, Wisconsin

Ideological legibility as a primary pragmatic process in the interpretation of implicit content
Paper presented at LENLS 14, November 13-15, Tokyo, Japan.

(Invited Talk) Bringing social meaning into ideophone and iconicity research
Workshop in Mimetics II: New approaches to old questions. November 11 Nanzan University, Japan

“As if” vs “as was”: Quotatives, expressivity and interpretation.
Paper presented at Semfest 18, March 17, Stanford University.